Two of Our Solicitors Shortlisted for LALYs 2024 

We are thrilled to announce that two of our dedicated immigration solicitors, Sabira Kashmiri and Paul Keeley, have been shortlisted for the prestigious Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year (LALY) Awards 2024. It is an incredible honour to watch them recieve this much deserved recognition and we are lucky to have them on the team! 

Sabira Kashmiri – Social Welfare 

Since joining our team in January 2022, Sabira Kashmiri has become a cornerstone of our immigration and asylum services. Shortlisted in the Social Welfare category, Sabira’s work has been nothing short of transformative. Specialising in complex cases involving victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, and severe human rights abuses, her meticulous and compassionate approach has led to life-changing outcomes for her clients. 

Pradeep Kumar, our Immigration Team Leader, lauds Sabira’s contributions: “Sabira is a valued member of our team. Her proactive approach has resulted in a regular stream of referrals, and her dedication to her work has led to excellent results.” 

Sabira’s involvement extends beyond individual cases. She has significantly contributed to our Domestic Violence Project and a grant-funded initiative assisting late EU Settlement Scheme applicants. Her client-centered approach is reflected in heartfelt testimonials from those she has helped. One client, Marieme, shared, “Her understanding, compassion, and honesty have made a significant difference in my case. I am so thankful to have someone dedicated to their work and responsibilities.” 

Paul Keeley – Public Law 

Paul Keeley, with over 15 years of service in Legal Aid, has been shortlisted in the Public Law category. Paul’s expertise in criminal deportation cases and his strategic approach have earned him a reputation as a formidable advocate. He has successfully handled numerous high-stakes cases, often involving clients who have been failed by previous legal representations. 

Paul’s impact is well-captured in the words of Harrold, a client who faced deportation: “Before Paul, I worked with several private solicitors until my funds ran out. Based on what he’s achieved for me, I seriously doubt anyone else could have done a better job. It’s not about private or legal aid solicitor but about the dedication of the solicitor. He has consistently gone above and beyond.” 

Paul’s commitment extends beyond courtroom victories. He has been instrumental in training peers and contributing to legal education, ensuring that his profound understanding of immigration law benefits a wider audience. 


Both Sabira and Paul have received numerous testimonials highlighting their exceptional skills and dedication. Abigail Smith from Garden Court Chambers notes Sabira’s thorough preparation: “Her preparation is meticulous and thorough. She leaves no stone unturned to ensure that all possible evidence can be obtained to increase the chances of a successful outcome.” 

Similarly, Alasdair Mackenzie from Doughty Street Chambers praises Paul’s fearless commitment: “I have been consistently impressed with his fearless commitment to the rights of his clients. He approaches every case with immense rigor and care.” 

Their client stories further illustrate the transformative power of dedicated legal advocacy. From securing refugee status for those fleeing persecution to overturning unjust deportation orders, Sabira and Paul’s work embodies the highest standards of legal aid. 

As we celebrate this achievement, we are reminded of the vital role legal aid plays in our society. Their dedication and excellence not only bring justice to individuals but also strengthen our collective efforts towards a fairer and more just community. 

Once again, congratulations to both!

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