Angell Day

Having graduated in Law and also volunteered at the Law Centre, Angell joined the money advice team initially in 2015 and then returned in 2021. Her role as a caseworker has enabled her to get experience in the legal world, whilst working for a service that is dedicated to the community and people. Angell enjoys interacting with her clients and helping to guide them through the process of managing their finances.

Angell would always recommend that someone seeks help as soon as they feel they cannot keep up with their bills rather than waiting for a letter or for bailiffs: the sooner a client can tackle their problems, the sooner they can have that weight lifted from their shoulders. She has found that because people often have trouble monitoring their spending, they avoid looking at their finances. Part of her role is therefore supporting people to address their issues so they can receive the most productive advice. If there is one thing that Angell thinks is important for her clients to know, it’s the difference between priority and non-priority debts. The first thing someone struggling with their finances should do is to identify and deal with priority debts. This is something the Law Centre can help with