Fenella Mason

Fenella joined South West London Law Centres in March 2018 as a volunteer welfare benefits caseworker, having previously worked as an adviser with Citizens Advice Camden’s outreach services. She has been employed as a caseworker on the Stepping Stones project since September 2018.

Fenella works with residents of Wandsworth, Lambeth and Westminster to help them navigate the welfare benefits system and represent them in social security appeals. Run in partnership with the anti-poverty charity Z2K, the Stepping Stones project also provides longer term support to vulnerable or marginalised clients, for example by providing assistance with housing issues, financial capability, grants applications, employment support and social services advocacy. Many of Fenella’s clients have been victims of poor decision making, administrative errors or delays at the hands of the DWP or the local authority, and through no fault of their own have suffered a dramatic loss of income as a result, often leaving them to endure extreme financial hardship. Fenella provides advice and representation to people who find themselves in this position, enabling them to uphold their rights and ensure that they receive their full benefits entitlement.

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