Lana Kaminskiene

After finishing her masters, Lana joined South West London Law Centres in January 2021 as the newest member of the Money Advice team. Having lived in Russia and Lithuania, she speaks multiple languages and her more recent role as a freelance interpreter has given her an insight into many of the problems disadvantaged families are facing, including barriers caused by language and literacy.

Lana has a wealth of experience, from care work to helping witnesses gain confidence before going to court and working with Citizens Advice in supporting clients with Universal Credit claims. As well as advising on money and debt, she recognises that problems are often multidimensional and so is keen to point people to additional forms of support.

One point that is especially important to Lana is that the judicial system is stacked against the poorest of society, with not everyone able to afford access to justice. That is why it is so important to her to continue to work to help people, and she encourages others to do the same.