Lance Baynham

Lance Baynham is our Discrimination and Employment Caseworker. He advises and represents clients across South West London in all areas of discrimination work, with a particular focus on employment law, taking cases to tribunal where necessary.

Lance completed his Diploma in Law in 2020 (in which he achieved a Distinction) and his Bar Professional Training Course in 2021 (in which he was graded Outstanding). He joined South West London Law Centres first as a part-time volunteer adviser in October 2020 and then as a Discrimination and Employment Caseworker in January 2021.

In only a short space of time, Lance has made a huge impact on clients, colleagues and the wider employment advice community and has enabled the Law Centre to develop and expand its legal aid work in the area of discrimination.

He will be moving on from the Law Centre to take up a Pupillage in September 2022. Looking back over his time with us, Lance summarised the skills and experience he has gained from his role as follows:

  • “Managing a caseload and competing priorities
  • Dealing with clients often placed in vulnerable situations and gaining their trust
  • Providing legal advice clearly and empathetically
  • An ability to home in on the key practical problems which a client has and moving away from a more academic analysis from being a student
  • Familiarity with the legal aid regulations and contract requirements
  • Much improved knowledge of employment and discrimination law
  • Understanding of tribunal procedure, including strategic matters and how to best present a case
  • Developing professional relationships with respondents’ solicitors and engaging in settlement negotiations
  • Developing relationships with colleagues and peers across the advice sector – learning from others and sharing knowledge and experiences
  • Engaging in projects outside casework, such as the community radio show, webinars and podcasts to help spread accurate information about employment rights
  • Taking huge pride in work!”