Maha Khurram

Maha joined the Law Centre in February 2021 as a Crisis Navigator, having worked previously for Springfield Law Centre and the Financial Conduct Authority. She enjoys working closely with clients and understands the importance of being approachable in order to come alongside people and make a difference to their situation. Her role requires knowledge in a wide range of area and the ability to do a lot of research since no two cases are the same – and it is this personal aspect that Maha finds especially interesting because there is never a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to her work.

In her previous roles, Maha saw many people afraid to engage with anything legal because they found the law intimidating. This so often prevents people from reaching out and contacting organisations that can help them. She is committed to using her role at the Law Centre to help people overcome that barrier and make seeking help more accessible, even within the challenges created by COVID-19.

One of her favourite things about working for a Law Centre is being able to get a positive outcome for clients and seeing the difference it makes not only to an individual, but also to the community.