Nikki Sheydayeva

After studying Criminology and International Relations at university, Nikki joined the Law Centre in 2015 as a part-time evening receptionist, and in 2017 she became the Croydon Branch Administrator. She enjoys the legal experience she gains through both of her roles, but also the opportunity to work with especially vulnerable people and to help clients who perhaps have been turned away from other organisations.

Nikki is also the receptionist for the Legal Advice Clinic in Croydon. For many clients she is the first point of contact, so she’ll listen to a person’s situation and decide which team at the Law Centre can best help. Some clients want help with a specific issue, such as housing, asylum or work-related problems like redundancy or furlough, but often the issues are multi-dimensional, so Nikki works hard to understand the full situation so people can get the help they need.