Swabra Natabi

Swabra has been working as a money adviser at the Law Centre since 2018. She originally volunteered for the team and later applied for the role. She particularly enjoys meeting new clients for the first time as people often begin feeling overwhelmed by their debts, but once she starts talking with them and shows them the breakdown and hierarchy of debts, the situation becomes a lot more manageable.

She believes debt advisers play a vital role in communicating with companies on a client’s behalf. Many companies are more willing to listen to the Law Centre than to individuals when it comes to writing off debts or reaching a repayment arrangement. Companies can also be quite poor in communicating information, such as over the relaxation to repayment rules as a result of the pandemic. By contacting companies on a client’s behalf, Swabra believes they are more likely to listen and there is a greater chance of a favourable outcome for the client.

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Swabra is also a member of the Law Centre’s Diversity and Inclusion working group.