The Housing Possession Court Duty Scheme provides last-minute legal support to people facing eviction or repossession.

The Housing Possession Court Duty Scheme means that if your landlord or lender is trying to evict you and you have a hearing in a local housing court, we can help.

Our solicitors work as part of the Housing Possession Court Duty Scheme. This means they can provide free legal advice and represent you in court on the day you’re due to have your possession hearing – regardless of your income.

Housing Possession Court Duty Scheme legal advisers can help you with:

  • free legal advice
  • referral onwards (if necessary)
  • representation at the hearing (if appropriate).

If you have received notice of a review or hearing date for a possession claim, you should seek urgent legal advice as you are at risk of losing your home – and we’re here to help.

Act now if you’re at risk of eviction

Please get in touch with us now if:

  • You’ve been sent a notice from your landlord asking you to leave the property
  • You’ve been sent court orders, or court papers, or eviction papers about a pending hearing or eviction
  • Your landlord is trying to illegally evict you (eg without going to court)
  • You are homeless or threatened with homelessness
  • Your home is in such bad disrepair that it’s a serious risk of harm to the health and safety of you or your family

You can get in touch by:

For some of these issues, you may be eligible for legal aid meaning that you can receive legal advice at reduced cost, or free of charge to you. You can check if you’re eligible for legal aid.

How to access the Housing Possession Court Duty solicitors

Our team provide representation at the following courts:

  • Croydon County Court
  • Kingston County Court
  • Wandsworth County Court

You can find out more about how to access the service here.