Roni Marsh

Roni, Money Advice Team Leader, has worked in money and debt advice for around 20 years and has been at the Law Centre for over a decade. During this time she has helped numerous clients find ways to increase their income and reduce expenditure, write off debts and stay in their homes. Although the big outcomes are hugely rewarding, she also recognises the importance of helping a client make small changes: sometimes saving someone as little as £10 a month by switching suppliers can make all the difference.

Roni has seen many changes over the years when it comes to the recurring problems that her clients face. It used to be the case that people on benefits had spare income and could work out a budget that would enable them to pay off their debts. Nowadays, however, the majority of people who contact the Law Centre have a shortfall of cash. To reduce the number of people in debt, Roni would like to see the removal of the benefit cap. This, she argues, is the best way to ensure people have enough money to live on.

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