We empower local people on low incomes to know their rights and defend them. Here are some of their stories.

We’re really grateful to each person who shared their story with us, so that we can share it with you. Most names have been changed.

You can also hear from local people we’ve supported in this clip from the BBC’s The One Show in 2020.

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17 February 2021

The stress of my situation could have killed me

‘I was getting by but my situation escalated when I moved house. Everything took its toil on me. I was trying to catch up but I had old bills to…

4 February 2021

When I moved it felt like a new life had begun for me. I feel safe

‘I met a guy who seemed incredible – at first, but the relationship turned violent. He would beat me to a pulp and I even had a miscarriage. The abuse…

17 December 2020

It’s such a relief to know I can finally move on with my life

‘My landlord was seeking possession of my property and served me with a section 21 notice. I knew about the court duty scheme, so at my court hearing I asked…

15 December 2020

Knowing I had representation at court was a real weight off my shoulders

‘I was renting a property with my adult children. When my son’s wife’s work visa came through, the two of them decided to move into their own place, so in…

9 December 2020

When I heard the news my knees were shaking – I felt I’d won the Lottery!

‘I’m a young mum with two kids. I’ve been renting my property from the council since I was seventeen but because I suffer from severe depression, sometimes I find it…

25 November 2020

If it wasn’t for the help of the Law Centre, I wouldn’t be in my house today. I was on the verge of losing everything.

‘At the time I ran into problems I was living with my four children, three of whom were adults. They’d become quite controlling of me and stopped paying any contributions…

image of hourglass showing time running out

4 November 2020

It’s given me the confidence to take the steps to sort things out

‘I had a debt management plan with a commercial company but I was made redundant in January and the six months of freelance work I had lined up was cancelled…

15 October 2020

I was literally drowning and you saved me and gave me support. I cannot thank you enough.

‘When I first made my asylum application, I was completely unsure of how long the process would take, what it entailed and what the final outcome would be. At that…

19 June 2020

My kids had to struggle, they had to go hungry sometimes

‘I used to be very independent. I had a very happy family; I had a good job that looked after the family. Before the troubles started, I had no intention…

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