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Of those surveyed, 100% said they felt more confident managing their money having attended one of our free webinars.

Our free money webinars are designed to help you manage your money better and make your income go further. Each session lasts for around one hour and gives you the chance to ask confidential questions about your own personal circumstances with our trained advisers. Of those who’ve attended our webinars in the past, 100% said they improved their money-management skills and they would recommend them to others.

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Money and Corona

Run by the Law Centre’s Roni Marsh, this webinar is aimed at those whose income has been affected by corona/covid-19 and is a look at the options available if your income has been reduced. We’ll look at the schemes put in place by the Government for individuals whether employed, self-employed or not working, and will cover:

  • the schemes from the FCA for credit such as loans, credit cards, overdrafts, catalogues, mortgages and secured loans
  • what help is available in the local area from the Council and charities
  • the guidance for help regarding gas, electric and water
  • any current restrictions in place regarding enforcement agents and possession actions
  • a quick overview of the various schemes from the Government, including furlough, Self-Employment Income Support Scheme and the £500 self-isolation payment and what you can do to get help with those if you need them.

Dates available for free Money and Corona webinar:
Thursday 20 May at 10:00am – click here to register

Universal Credit: an overview

Confused about universal credit? This webinar, aimed at those who are new to Universal Credit or already claiming but struggling to understand how it is worked out, will explain what you need to know and how to claim. Run by the Law Centre’s Roni Marsh, it will cover:

  • how to claim
  • how an award is worked out
  • what problems you may have in making a claim
  • how to check your award and make sure it is correct
  • how to appeal a decision you think is wrong.

Dates available for free Universal Credit webinar:
Wednesday 12 May at 10:00am – click here to register

Switching webinar

This webinar, with the Law Centre’s Roni Marsh, is aimed at those who want to look at switching to cheaper suppliers for gas, electric, mobile phone, home phone, TV packages, broadband and insurances. It will include how to find the information you need to be able to switch your gas and electric, how to use online switching websites, and look at other bills and services you could switch to get them cheaper, such as your mobile phone, home phone, TV packages, broadband and insurances.

Please have a copy of your gas and electric bills or annual statements with you so you can ask any questions you have about your current supply.

Dates available for free Switching webinar:
Thursday 29 April at 2pm – click here to register

Carers and Benefits

This webinar, with the Law Centre’s Roni Marsh, is aimed at those who are currently carers or are about to become carers. It covers the different benefits available for carers, things to consider before making a claim and any potential problems with a claim. It also gives an overview of the other discounts, deals and services available for those who are carers, as well as looking at carers who are working, on furlough or not working.   

Dates available for free Carers and Benefits webinar:
Wednesday 26 May at 10am – click here to register

Managing your Money

This webinar from the Law Centre’s Roni Marsh is aimed at individuals who want to get the best deals and make the most of their money. We’ll take a look at best deal websites and deal checkers, discounts, vouchers codes, signing up for deals, cashback sites, APR, overdrafts and savings. We’ll also explain what a credit report is and why you should be checking yours. 

Dates available for free Managing your Money webinar:
Thursday 13 May at 10am – click here to register

Maximising your Income

This webinar is aimed at those on a low income and will help you find out the long-term actions you can take to reduce your expenditure. The Law Centre’s Eva van der Spek will look at ways to save money and reduce bills and expenses. There’ll also be an overview of the possible benefits you can claim in different situations and some of the charity grants that are available to help you overcome specific hurdles, for example being unable to afford a new washing machine.

Dates available for free Maximising your Income webinar:
Wednesday 5 May at 2pm – click here to register

Disability benefits

This webinar with Roni Marsh at South West London Law Centres is aimed at those who are considering claiming disability benefits but want more information about them.  It will cover the following benefits:

  • Disability Living Allowance for up to age 16
  • Personal Independence Payment for working age
  • Attendance Allowance for those who are retired

It will look at whether you should be claiming disability benefits, how they work and the problems you may find with making a claim. As well as including information on the three main disability benefits and the criteria for claiming them, it will explain what you need to consider when filling in your application form, such as important phrases you should include (e.g. ‘repeatedly’, ‘safely’, ‘to an acceptable standard’ and ‘in a reasonable time’) and how to get more information and help if you don’t feel confident completing it on your own. 

Also covered are how decision makers go about considering an application form, the criteria they use for each of the benefits, and what to do if you don’t get awarded the benefit. 

Dates available for free Disability benefits webinar:
Monday 24 May at 11.30am – click here to register