General litigation

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Do you have a dispute where you feel someone has caused significant damages and you’re unable to settle it between you?

We can offer free initial advice to help you understand your rights and the next steps you can take through general litigation, when damages you’re seeking are usually more than £10,000.

You’ll be advised by lawyers who volunteer their time to help people in our local community.

If you need advice, please get in touch using our contact form.

You can also phone us on 020 8767 2777. Please note that our phone lines are very busy at the moment, and you may find it quicker to use our contact form if possible.

We can help with
  • Damages to property caused by repairs or refurbishments carried out by builders
  • Damages to furniture/ equipment caused by plumbers, electricians, installers
  • Money owed by friends and family
We can’t help with
  • Ongoing support and representation in litigation cases
  • Litigation advice to do with every public organisation. (Occasionally there might be a conflict of interest meaning we’re unable to help.)
  • Complaints about other solicitors
  • Neighbour disputes
  • Suing someone or an organisation for slander
  • Actions against the police or state

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