Free Data Project

In today’s digital world, having internet access is far from a luxury; it’s absolutely essential for education, work, and even the simplest forms of communication. Yet, a significant chunk of our community is stuck in a digital blackout, unable to afford or access the crucial data and Wi-Fi connections many take for granted.

Thanks to the generous funding from the Databank, we’ve acquired SIM cards loaded with at least 20GB of data. These aren’t just any SIM cards; they’re lifelines for those who’ve been sidelined in our increasingly online age. As we distribute these data-packed SIM cards, we’re equipping community members with the tools they need to tap into essential services, chase educational pursuits, and connect with the wider world.

Our initiative is more than a temporary fix; it’s a step towards inclusive community development.

If you would like to support our projects, please consider making a donation to ensure we can create and expand new initiatives to bring access to justice to community members.