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We can provide advice on some of the more complicated benefits issues, like challenging a decision at tribunal.

We can advise on some but not all problems with benefits. We can help with some of the more complicated benefits issues, where you need legal advice to appeal a decision of:

  • First-tier Tribunal – for Universal Credit, Employment Support Allowance or Personal Independence Payment only
  • Upper Tribunal – for any benefit

If you need advice, please check if we can help. You can also get in touch by phoning 020 8767 2777. Please note that our phone lines are very busy at the moment, and you may find it quicker to use our benefits advice checker if you can.

Unfortunately we’re not usually able to help with earlier stages of benefits advice, like applying for benefits, form filling, or requesting a mandatory reconsideration. You can contact your local Citizens Advice for help with this, or search for other advice near you.

You can also find information here about what are the first steps in appealing a benefit decision you don’t agree with.

We can help with

  • Appeals at the First-tier Tribunal  for work capability or right to reside issues – Universal Credit, Personal Independence Payment and Employment Support Allowance only
  • Appeals at the Upper Tribunal if you disagree with a First-tier Tribunal result and have followed the initial steps to request permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal – all benefits

We can’t help with

  • Applying for benefits
  • Form filling
  • Challenging benefit overpayments
  • Requesting a mandatory reconsideration
  • Requesting a Statement of Reasons if you disagree with a First-tier Tribunal result
  • The initial request for permission to appeal a First-tier Tribunal result, based on an error of law.

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