Personal injury

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Do you need advice about taking legal action to claim compensation for a personal injury, but you can’t afford a lawyer?

We can provide 30 minutes’ free initial advice to help you understand your rights and the steps you can take next. You’ll be advised by lawyers who volunteer their time to help people in our local community.

If you need advice, please get in touch using our contact form if you can.

Alternatively you can phone us on 020 8767 2777. Please note that our phone lines are very busy at the moment, and you may find it quicker to use our contact form if possible.

We can help with
  • Personal injury
  • Work-related injury
  • Road/traffic accidents
  • Medical injury
  • Clinical negligence
  • Criminal injury claims for victims of violent crime
  • Inquest being held to determine the cause of death of a family member
We can’t help with
  • Military inquests – please contact the Royal British Legion which can provide free legal advice to bereaved Service families
  • Suing a person or an organisation for slander
  • Ongoing support and representation in personal injury cases

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