From the time I knew I could get this help, I’m feeling good

Before I came to the Law Centre, I was feeling destitute with a lot of debts. I wasn’t very well, and I had a big money problem. I was very stressed. 

‘I found the team very helpful – they helped me get housing benefit to sort out my rent, and pension credit which I wasn’t getting before.  It was wonderful. 

They’re helping me very well and diligently with my insolvency, including getting funding needed to pay the insolvency fees, which was fantastic. I didn’t know I could get this help, so I’m really happy. 

My mental health is much better now because I was worrying about a lot of things. From the time I knew I could get this help, I’m feeling good. I’ve even been able to finally retire.  

‘It’s a matter of a great thankfulness, for all the efforts you guys have done for me. It’s a big mental stress come off my shoulders; not having to worry things about on my own.’ 

Allen* was referred to the Law Centre through a debt clinic at a local Citizens Advice. Although Allen was of pension age and struggling with his health, he was still working in order to try to pay back debt.

Our debt team supported Allen to successfully apply for housing benefit and pension credit to increase his income, plus a £680 Thames Water grant to cover fees so he could complete a bankruptcy application. His total debt of £41,000 – which he could never repay – is now in the process of being cleared.

*not his real name