I was drowning in debt and she helped me sort it out

After my contract work finished, I had an eleven months’ wait to get my benefits sorted, which was a very long period with no income. I didn’t have any savings because I’d been living on breadline anyway, and I started getting into debt. 

That was when I met Roni from the Law Centre, who was one of the best people I’ve ever met. I was drowning in debt and she helped me sort it out, especially because I’m autistic and have some invisible disabilities. 

Recently I found myself starting to struggle again, and Ruby at the Law Centre helped me apply to Thames Water to sort out my water debt, and to get discounts as a disabled and single person. It’s wonderful because I’m paying £10 for my water instead of £40 a month – that’s a big difference when you’re on a low income.  

It was a huge relief to get support from the Law Centre. Once you pluck up the courage to make contact, it’s fantastic. The team is great at keeping in touch by phone and email; it’s brilliant and I cannot fault it.’

Jenny* was struggling with problem debt when she came to us, with repayments leaving her without enough income for essentials. Our debt advisers helped Jenny to negotiate more affordable debt repayments, and to apply to Thames Water to reduce her water debt and her ongoing payments.

*not her real name