Pro Bono Week

This week we’ve been recognising the enormous contribution our pro bono lawyers make in giving members of our local community access to justice and helping them understand their legal rights.  

At the Law Centre, we believe that ‘access to justice is a human right’ (Simon, pro bono lawyer) and so should be available to all who need it, no matter their financial situation. The legal system, as it now stands, ‘will not work without ongoing support from the pro bono advice sector’ (Jonathon, pro bono lawyer). The work that our pro bono lawyers do is therefore absolutely essential in allowing people to access justice. And this isn’t just our view; our Battersea clinic was this week featured in The Law Society Gazette in an article stressing the importance of pro bono work. 

Our legal advice clinics remain open throughout the pandemic, although advice is delivered by telephone rather than face to face to keep both our clients and our advisers safe.  We run clinics on issues regarding debt, housing, employment, immigration, family, and other areas.

If you need legal advice, please contact us today. You can find out more about our legal advice clinics here.

“Access to justice is a human right, but the legal world can be a maze of frustration and can exploit those not able to navigate it. I find it very rewarding to use my knowledge and experience to help those in need.”

Simon, pro bono lawyer