If it were not for the services of South West London Law Centres, I would not be able to get my Personal Independence Payment back

‘I was not getting any Personal Independence Payment and I did not understand why it had stopped because I have a long-term health condition. I contacted the Department for Work and Pensions and I was told that I needed to make an application for a mandatory reconsideration if I believed the decision to stop my Personal Independence Payment was wrong.

‘I needed help to write the letter for a mandatory reconsideration and I contacted South West London Law Centres. I had an appointment with the crisis navigator and welfare benefit solicitor. I provided new medical documents from my doctor and physiotherapist. I want to thank Shanice for writing the letter for the mandatory reconsideration.

Charlie* came to the Law Centre because his Personal Independence Payment had stopped. Our crisis navigator helped him write a mandatory reconsideration letter and showed that he was unable to do a lot of the different activities in the daily living and mobility component of the Personal Independence Payment.

The mandatory reconsideration letter was successful and Mr X started receiving his Personal Independence Payment again. It has been backdated from the date it stopped and the award runs until 2024. Mr X was awarded the enhanced rate for mobility and enhanced rate for daily living. He is now receiving £89.60 per week for the daily living component and £62.55 per week for the mobility component of Personal Independence Payment.

*not his real name