Ilnta Tzepetziou

Ilnta first volunteered for the Law Centre in 2018/19 when she was a student. Once a week, she worked alongside the branch team helping with various administrative tasks. She enjoyed the opportunity to give something back and found she gained valuable experience as well as an insight into the importance of organisation and strong administrative skills when working in a legal setting. 

She graduated from Law School in 2020. In January 2021, she was offered a paid position with the branch team working on an archiving project. Three months later, she joined the immigration team where she works on the EU Settlement Scheme assisting European clients with complex cases. She enjoys the opportunity to take on her own casework and learn from the team.

Alongside her role in immigration, she still helps with administrative tasks and her contribution is highly valued across the Law Centre.

She said: “The experience I’ve got from volunteering has been really beneficial. I’ve learnt that you have to be organised and up to date as a caseworker, and it’s also given me much more confidence in talking to people and dealing with clients. The work can be challenging, and you never know what situation you’ll have to deal with when you answer the phone, but it’s been hugely valuable and a great opportunity to network and to learn from the team who’ve really taken the time to explain things to me. I don’t think the same opportunity would have existed in private practice.”

Ilnta is currently completing her LPC with Masters in Business Law and is hoping to get a training contract or work as a paralegal in future.