Launching our Community Call Out

On 4 August we are launching our community survey* asking people what more we could be doing to support the community and building a network of the people we serve. 

The survey will run for a period of six weeks. If you live in South West London please take a few minutes to complete it here and help us better understand the needs of our community.

If you are part of a group, Rhi (our Community Engagement Manager) is happy to come and speak to your group, either in person or virtually. You can request a visit by contacting or calling 0208 208 5757.

Patrick Marples, CEO of the Law Centre, said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has increased our awareness of the need for the Law Centre to be rooted in the community we serve, in order that we can be certain that we are reaching all those who need our assistance and to be sure that our services meet the needs of our community.” 

Rhi, our Community Engagement Manager, added: “Law Centres were set up in the 1970s to defend the rights of local people. They should be a centre point of a community to tackle injustice together.  We constantly need to be looking at new ways of fighting injustice and supporting our community. We hope you will complete this survey by clicking on the image below and join us in our pursuit of justice.”

*If you would like the survey posted to you or in a more accessible format please contact Rhi on the above details.