Thank you for saving my home

I first contacted the Law Centre in February 2019. I was £3,000 in arrears on my mortgage and the building society had applied for a possession order on my home. I was so anxious but I remember speaking on the phone to Roni long after the Law Centre had closed, and she calmed me down.

Roni arranged for me to be represented in court and the solicitor managed to secure a suspended possession order for me on manageable terms.

I was then allocated a caseworker, Andrew, to help with my debts. He was so understanding – I hadn’t worked for two years and had built up some debt and I couldn’t open letters when I received them.  Andrew told me to bring in all my unopened post, he categorised them, and told me how to proceed.

That was a very difficult period for me, but Roni, Andrew and the solicitor who represented me in Court, were life savers.

Three years later, things are very different for me.  Today my mortgage is paid off, and I own my home outright.  I am working again, and because I am mortgage free, I should be able to manage as I work towards retirement. 

I am so thankful that SWLLC exists, and played such an instrumental part in securing my home, and consequently saving my mental health.

Margaret (not her real name) had mortgage arrears of £3,000 and was at risk of losing her home. At her possession hearing, the court agreed to a suspended possession order, and our money adviser worked with her to help her repay her arrears, manage her other debts and find a way forward.