Talk Money Week 2022

Talk Money Week takes place every year to raise awareness of the importance of talking about money. This year, it is even more important due to the cost of living crisis.

In some ways, starting a conversation about money has become easier due to the cost of living crisis, as Roni Marsh, Money Advice and Cost of Living Manager at the Law Centre, says:

“The fact that people are talking about money and the problems it’s causing and what they can do about it is a welcome change. Friends and family can share ideas of how to save money.”

Our Cost of Living Team has put together a simple guide on income maximisation which is a good starting point for a conversation about money. The team has been out and about in the community this week raising awareness of Talk Money Week and encouraging people to use the guide to find out ways to save money and check they’re getting everything they’re entitled to.

You can download the free booklet here.

If you are struggling with problem debt and would like to talk, in confidence, to one of our money advisers, you can fill in our online advice checker, email or call 020 8667 9252.