Our open letter to Michael Gove following the inquest into the death of Awaab Ishak

Our CEO Patrick Marples has sent an open letter to Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Michael Gove following the inquest’s findings that the cause of two-year-old Awaab Ishak’s death was a respiratory condition caused by exposure to mould in his home.

Patrick said:

“Awaab’s tragic and unnecessary death shines a light on the shocking conditions that many households are forced to live in, and the woefully inadequate response of many social housing providers.”

In the letter, Patrick emphasises the serious concerns the Law Centre has over the handling of disrepair in social housing, as set out in their written and oral evidence given to the Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Committee Inquiry into the Regulation of Social Housing.

He goes on to express further concern about the shortcomings of the Committee’s recommendations following the Inquiry and the lack of appropriate advocacy and support for tenants:

“There needs to be a level playing field in the regulation of social housing. If this is a priority for this government, we urge you to examine the funding and availability of the legal advice sector before another tragedy occurs.”

Read the full text of the letter here.