Transforming Lives: The Real Impact of Our Cost of Living Project

We are incredibly proud of the work we have been able to accomplish through our project launched on 1st September 2022. Thanks to the funding provided by The National Lottery Communities Fund and the Greater London Authority, we have been able to provide vital support and assistance to members of our community.

Our team of two crisis navigators, two welfare rights paralegals, and one project manager, along with the help of volunteers, has worked tirelessly to support a total of 264 clients, securing financial awards worth £91,085.09. It is incredibly gratifying to see the positive impact our work has had on the lives of those we have supported.

Despite the successes we have had, we still face many challenges. Our team’s capacity is still not enough to meet the high demand for our services. Within weeks of launching our project, we had a waiting list of clients in need of our support. It is disheartening to have had to temporarily close new referrals as we simply do not have the capacity to support more people.

Another significant challenge we have faced is the delays within the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) system. It can now take up to 8 months to get a decision on a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) application. This delay causes immense stress for our clients, making it incredibly challenging for them to move on with their lives. Despite this, our team remains committed to providing crisis navigation, such as food banks and fuel vouchers, to those in need.

We believe that the real impact of our work is best seen through the words of those we support. Amelia, a client who benefited from our cost of living and immigration services, had this to say:

“I could not believe that it had finally happened and my stress was relieved. I still work and my benefits top-up my income. I do not believe any of this would have been possible without the Law Centre. I am an independent and an intelligent person with good English but whenever I made calls or went to appointments I was not taken seriously and felt like I kept hitting brick walls. With the help of the Law Centre, I have my life back and can enjoy bringing my son up in this country safely and with hope for the future.”

Amelia’s words highlight the real impact that our services can have on those we support. It is incredibly gratifying to know that our work is making a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

While we still face many challenges, we know that with the continued support of our funders and volunteers, we can make a real difference in the lives of those we support. We thank everyone who has helped us to make this project a success and look forward to continuing our work in the future.