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Important Notice: Temporary Service Pause

Due to high demand, our service is currently at capacity. As a result, we are temporarily closed to new inquiries. We understand the urgency of your situation and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please check back in at a later time for updates on our service availability.

Crisis Navigation

Unable to pay your essential bills, and have arrears of rent, mortgage, secured loan or service charge?

If your home could be at risk, we can help you overcome your immediate situation and find ways to improve your finances long term.

Our expert crisis navigators can apply for discounts and grants on your behalf and advise on benefits claims to help you stay in your home. Additional support is available from our housing and money advice teams where needed.

If you are struggling with your finances we run a series of free money webinars to help you take control of your situation and improve your money management skills.

You may find it helpful to read our Q&A articles on a range of topics compiled by our money advice team.

We can help with

  • Rent/mortgage arrears
  • Discretionary Housing Payment Applications
  • Warm Home Discounts
  • Water Discount forms
  • Benefit checks (limited service)
  • Chasing benefit claims
  • Reducing household bills
  • Income maximisation
  • (From November) help with disability benefits and Universal Credit Limited Capability for Work