The Law Centre showed me there was light at the end of the tunnel

‘I’d ended up in a very dark place. I was addicted to alcohol and had been diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder. Alcohol has taken control of my whole life, including my finances, my work and everything. I’d lost my job and had got into debt.

‘Stepping Stones recommended the Law Centre where I met with Roni who looked into my situation, not just my credit cards, but my utilities and everything. Roni made lots of calls on my behalf as I really wasn’t capable of doing it myself, and explained that she was helping me. Her kindness and patience with me shone through. By liaising with my creditors she was able to set up payment plans that I could afford. I had one bank loan where I missed a payment and they ended up taking me to court. Again, Roni helped get an arrangement put in place so I could pay off the debt. She empowered me and helped me to take back control.

‘That was eight years ago. I am now debt free and I have the highest credit rating with no record of my past history. I managed to keep my home and am now buying a cottage with my partner. I have been sober for five years and no longer have a mental health diagnosis. I have a fabulous job where I am respected.

‘When you’re in debt, everything spirals out of control and the only way to break free is to take the first step and ask for help. There is so much help out there – you just have to reach out and ask. Life doesn’t have to be that way for ever. My life now is beyond my wildest dreams. Roni has been part of my journey and played a huge role in my recovery. I am extremely grateful.’

Caroline was attending Stepping Stones where her caseworker advised her to contact the Law Centre for help managing her debts. Our money advisor worked with her creditors to agree affordable payment plans so she could pay off her debts and regain control of her finances.