Since I contacted the Law Centre I have achieved so much

I was going through a lot of stuff. There was so much on my plate. I had council tax arrears, rent arrears and my mum had passed away. I had lots of other debts too. I was literally stressed out.

I was referred to the Law Centre by Citizens Advice and since then it’s been so great. Maha helped me fill out the council tax form first and then helped me with my PIP form and explained about different benefits I was entitled to. Everything had got too much for me but she had the solution for everything. Knowing there was somebody to help me meant my mind was so much better. She even got someone to help me with my housing because I wasn’t named on the tenancy when my mum died. It was so so helpful.

Since I contacted the Law Centre I have achieved so much. I’d found it overwhelming not knowing what to do or where to go, but it’s given me a solution. I would recommend the Law Centre to absolutely anybody.

Miguel* was referred to us because of a succession issue with his tenancy. His mother had passed away and because the tenancy was not in his name, he was not in receipt of any housing benefit. We were able to help him get it changed to his name. Our crisis navigator also helped him apply for the Council Tax Single Person Discount, Council Tax Reduction/Support, Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and the housing element of Universal Credit.

*not his real name

You can contact our Crisis Navigation service here.