Cost of Living

We provide support for those facing the daunting challenge of navigating the rising cost of living in the UK. Our experts help extend a hand to those in need, ensuring they receive the assistance they deserve. 

By exploring every avenue to ease financial burdens, from accessing entitlements to identifying grants and discounts, we ensure families and individuals can take control of their financial futures. Please note that our programme caters exclusively to residents of South West London, including those temporarily housed by local boroughs.  

Furthermore, our project offers Free Money Advice Webinars on a range of issues, regular Outreach events in the community, as well as a Turn Up Tuesdays service for in-person drop-ins at our Croydon office! 

We invite you to read our Cost of Living Project Impact Report for the 2022-2023 year: discover client stories, outstanding numbers, and the crucial impact our work has on the community. 

We help with

  • Rent/mortgage arrears 
  • Benefits checks (limited service) 
  • Discretionary Housing Payment applications 
  • Grant applications 
  • Warm Home Discounts 
  • Water Discount forms 
  • Chasing benefit claims 
  • Applications for Universal Credit, Council Tax Support, Council Tax Reduction, carer’s allowance 
  • Advice on debt options 
  • Income maximisation 
  • Reducing household bills 
  • Help with disability benefits and Universal Credit Limited Capability for Work 

Income Maximisation Booklet:

Our Cost of Living team has produced a handy guide to help clients maximise their income. You can download the booklet here. You may also find it helpful to attend one of our free Money Advice Webinars to better understand the resources available. 

I’m very very pleased and so grateful for the help I received. If it was down to me alone I never would have known about the grants and other help on offer.

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This service is free thanks to funding from The National Lottery, Wandsworth Council, Wimbledon Foundation Community Fund and The London Legal Support Trust.

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