I’ve found a new job and my life is back on track

Junaid came to the Law Centre for help after his employer stopped paying him properly – and then not at all – after Junaid tried to defend his team when their employer threatened to withhold their wages.

A lone parent, Junaid and his young daughter were pushed into rent arrears and were unable to afford basic essentials like rent and food. Our employment caseworker referred Junaid to the local food bank while she helped him make a claim against his employer, resulting in Junaid eventually being paid the wages he was due. 

Junaid says: 

At the beginning when I needed to get legal advice, I tried contacting law firms to explain my situation – that I didn’t have any money – and they still asked £150 for a consultation, which I could not afford. 

Thank God, I got to know the Law Centre. If they were not here there was a time that, if it hadn’t been for my daughter, I would have thought of ending it all. I did not find any help in any other way.  

The Law Centre is very important. I didn’t really know my rights or the law properly, and after coming here I found out that a lot of things my employer was doing were illegal, like asking us to cover the money if the till was short – for instance if we’d received counterfeit money – and not paying our holidays. 

‘The help I got from the Law Centre was amazing and uplifting. It helped me to get up on my feet and start fighting back. I’ve found a new job and my life is back on track.’