I truly believed I would have to give up the fight for justice

Having been through one of the most difficult times of my life, I was then faced with disability discrimination in the work place. As an intelligent, articulate woman I believed I could take the case on and fight it myself. I was so wrong. The process caused my already fragile mental health to crumble even further. I truly believed I would have to give up the fight for justice until somebody pointed me in the direction of South West London Law Centres. After speaking to one of their representatives I was told I qualified for legal aid. South West London Law Centres agreed to take on my case.

‘I cannot express into words the dedication, hard work, compassion, commitment and kindness I have been shown by all involved.

‘This gave me the ability to continue to fight my case totally supported whilst rebuilding my mental health and my physical health.

I can honestly say I could never have done any of this without legal aid and because of that I will see justice done.

Lynette* suffers from both physical and mental disabilities. At the start of the pandemic she informed her employer that she was not able to go into work due to her medical condition. Her employer refused to allow her to work from home or furlough her and left her without any income – taking the view that in not attending work she was absent without leave. Because she qualified for legal aid, our discrimination caseworker was able to take on her case.

*name has been changed