New crisis fund

We know that for many people crisis existed before Covid-19, and the pandemic has exacerbated their situation, with the cut to universal credit, end of furlough and escalating energy costs only making things worse. We also know that many others are now experiencing crisis for the first time.

In the immediate aftermath of the emergency in Afghanistan, one of our caseworkers found herself supporting an Afghan family who were trapped in Pakistan with no money to meet their basic needs.  We ran a successful emergency appeal to raise £500 to help them buy food and other essentials and this highlighted the need to support our clients in crisis situations.  

As a result we have created our first Crisis Fund, to provide our clients with emergency support when they find themselves in crisis. We know that crisis hits in many different way but these are a few examples of where your money may go: 

Through this emergency intervention, we aim to help our clients stay on their path to finding a long-term solution to their problem.

You can give to the fund here.

Thank you – we’re so grateful for your support.