2 things we already have planned this September

Do you live in temporary accommodation in Croydon or Wandsworth?  
Members of our Social Justice Network told us how important a temporary accommodation project is and how as a law centre we should be campaigning to improve temporary accommodation. 
We are now moving forward with this. 

This September we will be starting a temporary accommodation project in Croydon and Wandsworth and hope it can be replicated in other boroughs. We need to work together on this to make sure we can really improve things and bring change. If you live in temporary accommodation in Croydon or Wandsworth and would like to know more, please contact me so we can discuss – you can contact me on 0208 208 5757 or email community@swllc.org

Please note, I am not a legal advisor and this work will be about campaigning collectively. Nothing will be expected of you as part of this work and you can contribute in any way you would like to. 
We can explore any ideas you have to improve things. 
Please would you get in touch on the details above so we can have a confidential discussion about this work. 

Fuel Poverty Action are taking action!  We are invited to a petition hand in on Monday 19th September at 1:00pm. Their petition calls for Energy For All.  What Fuel Poverty Action say about Energy For All:  “Energy For All means giving everyone a free amount of energy – that is enough energy, free, to cover the basics like heating, cooking, and lighting – to give us all the security we need, taking account of people’s actual needs related to their age, health, and housing. To pay for this new pricing system, Energy for All, we’re urging the Government to introduce a Windfall Tax on the profits of oil and gas producers, traders and suppliers, and to stop subsidising fossil fuels with millions of pounds every day. ” You can read and sign the petition in full here: Petition · #EnergyForAll – Everyone has a right to the energy needed for heating, cooking, and light · Change.org We will be gathering near to Downing Street at George V’s statue, Old Palace Yard, Westminster from 12 noon or earlier for the 1.00pm appointment. I am attending to hear peoples thoughts about Energy For All and if you would like to meet me beforehand, please email me at community@swllc.org or call 0208 208 5757. I will be wearing a t-shirt that says South West London Law Centres on.  

People are speaking out in support of #EnergyForAll. Most of us are going to be impacted by the price rises of gas and electric. The petition will be handed in to Downing Street on the 19th of September. If you would like to speak publically outside parliament about how electric and gas increases are going to impact you – please message me back at community@swllc.org or call on 0208 208 5757. 

In this September as schools go back, people return and temperatures change there will be many issues we as a law centre and Social Justice Network will be dealing with. I will be updating the community blog in the coming weeks to reflect this. Thank you.