When she helped me I felt I’d found the solution to my problem

‘I’d tried to apply for universal credit many times and asked many people for help but I couldn’t get through the whole form. I just couldn’t do it. I was going round and round and no one was able to help me. Some people were saying to me that I’m not eligible; some were saying I was eligible. It was so difficult, especially when you know you can’t pay the rent. It was a nightmare.

‘When Shanice helped me with my application I felt I’d found the solution to my problem. She was really, really helpful and very kind. I’ve just received the first payment. It mostly goes on my rent and I’m slowly getting there. It’s such a relief to have the extra money coming in – it will make a big difference to me and my children.’

Husnah* was struggling to pay her rent and wanted to apply for universal credit. Our crisis navigator helped her make the application and she is now receiving the housing element of universal credit which will help cover her rent.

*name has been changed