SWLLC and the Justice First Fellowship: Empowering Future Advocates

At South West London Law Centres (SWLLC), we are dedicated to nurturing young minds and empowering them to make a significant impact in the field of social welfare law. One shining example of our commitment to this mission is Shanice Danso, a Justice First Fellow who is on her journey to becoming a social welfare solicitor.

“I wanted to pursue a career in law because I wanted to be able to do rewarding and challenging work. I believe that working in the social welfare law sector makes an impact.” shares Shanice. She had gained experiences at different law firms, striving for a training contract. Despite reaching the last stage of multiple interview processes, she was successful at the last stage.

It was at this crossroads that Shanice joined SWLLC, working as a Crisis Navigator and Money Adviser. The roles provided the opportunity to develop skills that would allow me to become a solicitor. I valued the experience of doing these roles because it further highlighted my desire to work in social welfare law. Working at SWLLC provided the opportunity to train as a solicitor.”

With a deep-rooted passion for making a difference in the community, Shanice saw the Justice First Fellowship as an incredible opportunity to further her career in social welfare law: “I am grateful that I am able to experience working in a sector which makes a huge difference in the community. she explains. This opportunity also provides comprehensive training in fundraising, grant applications, and management. These additional skills complement her legal career aspirations, leading Shanice to pursue the fellowship with SWLLC. 

Reflecting on her experience with SWLLC, Shanice speaks highly of her supervisor, Leena Jangra, a housing solicitor who has been instrumental in her growth. “I have been able to gain good mentorship from my Supervisor Leena Jangra, who is a housing solicitor,” Shanice shares. “Leena Jangra has been supportive and has been able to help me develop my knowledge and skills in housing law.” Looking ahead, Shanice is determined to utilise the mentorship she receives from SWLLC, to make a meaningful impact and offer free legal aid and casework to those in need. 

At SWLLC, we take great pride in fostering a nurturing environment where aspiring solicitors like Shanice can thrive. We believe in the power of mentorship and hands-on training to shape the legal professionals of tomorrow. If you are a young aspiring legal professional looking to make a difference, SWLLC is the place to be. We are currently looking for volunteers to help with a range of services, and you can additionally check the jobs page of our website to keep an eye out for future opportunities. 

Let’s create a lasting impact and help local people access justice together.