“I am grateful to the South West London Law Centres for providing me with such an amazing solicitor.”

*Marieme, a 60-year-old national of Mauritius, found herself ensnared in a web of trauma and persecution, stemming from her experiences of sexual and gender-based violence, including child marriage, domestic abuse, and involvement in drug trafficking. Her ordeal reached its peak when she faced a conviction in Mauritius, only to be met with death threats upon release, compelling her to seek asylum on grounds of persecution by non-state actors and as a survivor of domestic abuse and trafficking. 

Her experiences left deep emotional wounds, manifesting in depression, anxiety, insomnia, and suicidal ideation. Marieme’s vulnerability led to difficulty disclosing her traumatic past to new professionals, a challenge exacerbated by her reluctance to relive her painful experiences. 

Marieme was able to find a beacon of hope at South West London Law Centres. With the compassionate guidance of solicitor Sabira, one of our Immigration & Asylum solicitors, Marieme gradually began to open up, finding comfort in the understanding and support provided. Recognising Marieme’s fragile mental state, Sabira swiftly intervened when Marieme was scheduled for a substantive interview with the Home Office, liaising with her GP to delay the interview until Marieme felt mentally prepared. 

Understanding the importance of comprehensive evidence in asylum cases, Sabira enlisted the expertise of the Helen Bamber Foundation for psychological and physical assessments and engaged a country expert on Mauritius to bolster Marieme’s case. The meticulous preparation culminated in the submission of a compelling country expert report to the Home Office, ultimately resulting in Marieme being granted refugee status on October 19, 2023, without the need for a substantive interview—a testament to the strength of her case and the diligence of her legal representation. 

Marieme’s gratitude overflowed in her feedback to SWLLC, expressing her appreciation for Sabira’s professionalism, compassion, and dedication. Her words demonstrate how life-changing the impact of the support she received was.. offering her hope for a future free from fear and persecution: