“20 years of walking for justice, 50 years of legal support”

Last week, we proudly participated in the 20th annual London Legal Walk, organised by the London Legal Support Trust, on Tuesday, 18 June 2024, joining other legal professionals, organisations, and supporters in a collective effort to fundraise for access to justice for all.  

Our team of solicitors, staff members, volunteers, and supporters convened at the starting point, and walked in honour of  our shared mission to provide legal support for our communities. Beyond its impact on access to justice, the London Legal Walk fostered meaningful connections within the legal community and reinforced our collective dedication to safeguarding the rights of society’s most vulnerable members.   

The funds raised through the London Legal Walk will enable SWLLC to continue delivering vital legal advice, support, and representation to individuals and families in need.  

With this year being our 50th anniversary year, we continue to accept donations from those who would like to help sustain the work we do for another 50 years to come. Every contribution makes an impact. You can find our fundraising page for the London Legal Walk here.    

Our CEO, Patrick Marples, walking for the 20th year at this year’s London Legal Walk.

Regional Guildford Legal Walk   

Additionally, we extend an invitation to the Regional Guildford Legal Walk on Monday, 8th July 2024, a fantastic opportunity to support access to justice initiatives in our local community. By participating in the Guildford Legal Walk, you can join us in our mission and contribute towards vital legal aid funding. This year the walk will start at 5:30pm with registration from 5pm at Guildford County Court. Maps will be provided on the day, but you can peek at the route here.

To sign-up to walk with us, please email comms@swllc.org. If you would like to make a donation to help us reach our target, please visit our Guildford Legal Walk fundraising page.  Every step you take and every pound you raise will directly contribute to ensuring that vulnerable individuals receive the legal representation they deserve.  

Let’s walk together for justice!