We are currently offering a series of free lunchtime public legal education workshops, delivered in conjunction with the Streetlaw Project at BPP University Law School.

Each session takes place on a Wednesday lunchtime, and gives information about a particular area of law as well as having plenty of opportunities to interact and ask questions. The programme has been designed in response to feedback from our community callout and our newly-formed justice network.

Please see below for more details and how to register up for each session.

Wednesday 26 January, 12-1pm, online
Employment Rights
This session covers main employment rights, discrimination and protected characteristics, the ‘gig’ economy, and agency workers’ rights.
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Wednesday 9 February, 12-1pm, online
Employment Rights: Covid Testing, Jabs and Jobs
This session covers COVID testing in the workplace, whether businesses can require employees to be vaccinated, health and safety considerations in the workplace, travelling to/from work, and options such as working at home.
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Wednesday 2nd March, 12-1pm, online
Common Landlord and Tenant Disputes
This session focuses solely on private rented accommodation and centres on the following three scenarios

  • Landlord refusing to return deposit
  • Landlord refusing to carry out repairs
  • Leaving a rented property before the fixed term has ended

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Wednesday 16 March, 12-1pm, online
Getting Your Voice Heard (Voting and Petitions) – Women focused
During this session, there will be discussions on whether there needs to be any laws changed to better support women and the ways that women can have an impact on law and policy changes.
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Wednesday 30 March, 12-1pm, online
Knife Crime

During this session, the criminal offence of possession of a weapon is potential sentences are highlighted. There are discussions with audience participation on their views on different objects and whether they would be committing a crime if found carrying them.
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Wednesday 13 April, 12-1pm, online
Stop and Search
This session covers the legal rules the police must abide by during a stop and search, what to expect from a stop and search, and recommended behaviours while being stopped and searched.
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Wednesday 27 April, 12-1pm, online
This session includes the legal meaning of ‘redundancy’, what a fair process looks like, how to challenge a redundancy decision, rights regarding redundancy pay, and the relationship between furlough and redundancy.
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Wednesday 11 May, 12-1pm, online
Discrimination (Disability)
This session introduces disability discrimination and the duties of employers to assist those who have a disability.
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Wednesday 25 May, 6.30-8pm
Domestic Abuse
During the session, there are details on the forms domestic violence can take, criminal law protection, and sources of help for someone experiencing abuse.
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Wednesday 22 June, 12-1.30pm, online
Employment Rights for Working Mothers (1.5-2 hours)
This session covers the protection for working mothers from discrimination when applying for or in work as well as rights regarding childcare, breastfeeding at work, and taking time off, such as when you child is sick.
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Date and time to be confirmed:

Having Contact with Your Children
This session provides information on the options available to try to maintain contact with a child following separation, who has ‘parental responsibilities’, and information on contacting children in care.

Keeping Your Kids Safe Online (2 hours)
During this session, there is an overview of what children may be doing online, the risks associated with this, and where parent/children can get help if they are worried about something online.

Each workshop is an hour unless stated otherwise. Most are being held remotely so you can join online or through your house or mobile phone at your normal call rate. If there is a workshop you would like to attend but can’t make the date, please contact and we will try to make alternative arrangements for you.

Our thanks to the Streetlaw Project at BPP for delivering these sessions. Here they explain a little more about them: 

‘BPP Streetlaw sessions are public legal education workshops, which aim to increase attendees’ knowledge and understanding of important areas of the law relevant to them. All the sessions are interactive and provide numerous opportunities for the audience to contribute their thoughts and ideas. Through this, they will be able to identify their rights and if necessary, they can seek legal advice on the areas covered. Please note, legal advice will not be given during the sessions, but we will signpost them to sources of help.